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2020 Newsletters

June 2020
HYD-PRC Statement on racial justice
Health care for youth in juvenile correctional facilities: Are we meeting their needs?
Provider perceptions and practices related to delivery of sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents
A groundbreaking understanding of sexually-exploited students
Pivoting to online clinician training in adolescent health care
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March 2020
Understanding primary care providers' perceptions and practices in delivering confidential sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents
It's all about relationships! Understanding and connecting with adolescents
SAHRC welcomes Lynn Bretl!
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2019 Newsletters

October 2019
HYD - PRC is awarded 5 more years of CDC funding
Promoting adolescent health: Partnerships between health care providers, parents & adolescents
Implementing evidence-based strategies to improve HPV vaccine delivery
Oral health and HPV vaccination: A missed opportunity? 
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June 2019
STI rates among adolescents and young adults reach all-time highs
Creating connections: Increasing student engagement with Whole Learners
Jordan take on leadership position with the UMN's Institute on the Environment
Community Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters
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January 2019
Transforming school climate and student behavior: Relationships are key
Relationally-based professional development of teachers to better connect and engage with middle school students
Saying goodbye to long-time colleague and youth advocate, Paul Snyder
Cancer: A partnership for prevention
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2018 Newsletters

October 2018
Parent-youth connectedness protects against cyberbullying
Bias-based bullying in Minnesota
Congratulations and thank you to long-time colleagues Amy Marsicano and Brooke Stelzer
It takes a village: Partnerships further strengthen the Minnesota Reproductive Health Update
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May 2018
Nearly 3% of Minnesota students identify as transgender/gender diverse
Bullying prevention in schools: Building skills, fostering relationships
Restorative practices in St. Paul Public Schools
Jordan receives UMN president's community-engaged scholar award
Welcome, Judith Kahn
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