PRC Newsletter - October 2019

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Welcome to the October issue of the 2019 HYD-PRC e-newsletter! In this newsletter we explore several adolescent health topics, highlighting the research and leadership of our HYD-PRC faculty and staff. Please read on to learn more about happenings within our center.

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HYD - PRC is Awarded 5 More Years of CDC Funding

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of our Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)! 

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Promoting Adolescent Health: Partnerships between Heath Care Providers, Parents & Adolescents

Guidelines from professional organizations highlight provision of confidential care and time alone between adolescents and their health care providers as critical elements of adolescent preventive services. 

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Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve HPV Vaccine Delivery

Widespread coverage of HPV vaccine has the potential to prevent multiple types of cancer but many young people are still not receiving the vaccine at the recommended age of 11-12.

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Community Spotlight
Oral Health and HPV Vaccination: A Missed Opportunity?

Cases of human papilomavirus (HPV) associated cancers continue to increase in the US, yet according to the CDC, only half of adolescents have received the HPV vaccination.

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PRC Faculty & Staff Highlights

• Jordan promoted to Professor
• McRee promoted to Associate Professor