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Whole Learners© is a year-long teacher professional program providing tailored training, feedback, and support that results in increased ability to implement new knowledge and skills in the classroom, improved communication with school staff and students, and enhanced classroom and school climate and culture.

What is the Issue?
Students who are connected to caring adults in school are healthier and more successful academically. The middle school years are a particularly challenging time to maintain these youth-adult connections. For example, statewide Minnesota data show that the percentage of 8th grade students who note that their educators care about them is 23% lower than 5th grade students. 

Our Approach
Whole Learners© creates connections. Connections increase student engagement. Engagement transforms school climate. Positive school climate is linked to better academic test scores and fewer disciplinary experiences.

Tailored Services
Our training and coaching support will ensure a transformational year-long professional development experience for educators. Our trainers and coaches can work with schools starting in summer and throughout the school year. Our program is designed to best support professional development goals. It is tailored by adjusting training topics and offering different levels of coaching responding to schools' budget and educators' time availability. 

Whole Learners Strategy

We Want You to Know
If this approach resonates with you, we would value a chance to connect. We are always happy to provide more information, respond to bids, or schedule a free consultation. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or visit our Whole Learners© website.  

New! Whole Learners© online course! This training will provide school staff with a deep understanding of early adolescent development, and explore developmentally-tailored, relationship-oriented approaches with an academic focus that enhances participants' efficacy in connecting with adolescents. This online training course provides a Certificate of Completion from the University of Minnesota - College of Education and Human Development for up to 10 hours of professional continuing education contact hours.
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About Us
Developed at the University of Minnesota, Whole Learners© is a comprehensive and innovative program that improves connections between educators and their students, resulting in increased student engagement, and fundamental positive changes in school culture and climate.

For More Information
Abigail Gadea, Whole Learners© Co-Developer and Program Director
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Abigail Gadea, Co-Developer, Trainer, and Relational Coach for Whole Learners

Abigail Gadea, MSW, MPP, LISW, is a Research Implementation Specialist with the University of Minnesota's Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center. Co-developer of the Whole Learners© Program, she has worked as a relational coach and trainer supporting middle school educators in building stronger relationships in their classrooms. Gadea excels in providing specialized training and capacity-building assistance to organizations equipping adolescents with skills and opportunities needed to live healthy and meaningful lives. She has advanced training in Equity and Diversity Leadership, Co-Active Coaching, and Coaching for Equity; and over 10 years of professional experience working with under-represented populations, including immigrant and refugee communities.