About Us

The Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center (HYD - PRC) collaborates with state and local organizations and communities to provide training, conduct research, and disseminate findings related to best practices in healthy youth development.

Prevention Research Centers

For the past 30 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has worked to eliminate health disparities and create healthy communities by funding Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) throughout the United States. These 25 academic research centers strive to link science to practice through collaborations with public health agencies and community-based organizations, while translating research findings into policy, public health programs, and practices. These centers also aspire to create change at community level, aiming to prevent and control chronic diseases and other threats to population health. All PRCs share the fundamental goals of advancing the fields of health promotion and disease prevention by:

  • Focusing on high-priority health issues
  • Bridging gaps between scientific knowledge and public health practices and policies
  • Applying and rapidly transferring research results
  • Enhancing cooperation between academic colleges and universities, state and local health departments, and health-related agencies and organizations.


Since 1996, the University of Minnesota has received funding from the CDC to support and sustain the HYD - PRC.  Initially named the National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Research Center, the current Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center (HYD - PRC) name reflects the knowledge gained from over two decades of work aimed at improving the health of young people through evidence-based programs. 

Community-partnered Research

During each funded grant cycle, the HYD - PRC conducts a major community-partnered research project. These have focused exclusively on how best to support adolescents’ development and prevent negative health outcomes. Research settings have included community programs, health clinics, and middle schools evaluating the effectiveness of case management, peer education, and service learning programs.

During this grant cycle, the HYD - PRC will investigate how to address health and academic disparities in schools through social/emotional learning and teacher professional development. To learn more about Partnering for Healthy Student Outcomes, please click the Core Research Project tab. 

Technical Services for Youth Serving Community

In addition to supporting the Center’s core research project, HYD - PRC staff work as technical advisors and consultants to a variety of community organizations and governmental systems. The CDC has long encouraged this type of community engagement and over time, the HYD - PRC has completed a number of projects via contracts with these partners. 

Program Evaluation 

HYD - PRC evaluators bring research expertise and a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between healthy youth development concepts and health/academic outcomes.

Evaluation services include:                      

  • Grant writing
  • Outcomes and process evaluation
  • Data collection tools
  • Data analysis
  • Logic model development
  • Report/fact sheet preparation, design, and production 

A sampling of the HYD - PRC's community-based evaluation partners include:

  • Minnesota Department of Education - Promoting Adolescent Health Through School-Based HIV/STD Prevention and School-Based Surveillance project (CDC-DASH)
  • Minnesota Department of Health - Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership; Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative 
  • Restorative Measures Program - Minneapolis Public Schools and Legal Rights Center, Inc.
  • Teenwise Minnesota
  • The Broadway School
  • Youth Farm and Market

Marketing & Communications

The marketing and communications expertise resident at the HYD - PRC is highly sought after by community partners and is realized through training, technical assistance, and consulting, and is frequently obtained through contracted services. 

Communication projects include:

  • Grant writing
  • Strategic marketing & communications planning (social marketing)
  • Branding & naming
  • Messaging & framing
  • Creating/producing publications, digital media assets, etc. 

A sampling of the HYD - PRC's marketing and communications partners include:

  • Aqui Para Tí
  • Hennepin County "Better Together Hennepin"
  • Minnesota Department of Health - Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership
  • CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health
  • Associate of Maternal and Child health Professionals
  • ERT Associates
  • City MatCH
  • Kandiyohi County; Nobles-Rock County

Grant/RFP/ Proposal Review and Guidance

The HYD - PRC's investment in community relationships and outreach affords us an understanding of adolescent health at the federal, state, and local levels crossing from programming to policy to measures to marketing. Community Outreach Coordinator Jenny Oliphant has served on a multitude of review committees including: 

  • Office of Adolescent Health (HRSA)
  • National Community Committee (CDC)
  • CDC/Division of HIV/STD
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Training: Best Practices in Adolescent Health

HYD - PRC staff are skilled trainers that collaborate with community and systems partners to create and implement trainings for scholars and the youth serving community by:

  • Nurturing the next generation of adolescent health leaders by training and advising residents and fellows;
  • Participating in the highly successful annual "Summer Institute in Adolescent Health" focused on healthy youth development;
  • Promoting adolescent sexual health best practices;
  • Providing marketing, communications, and advocacy workshops designed to improve how youth-serving communities "frame" adolescents while inspiring and supporting active and engaged adolescents.