PRC Newsletter - January 2019

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Greetings from the HYD - PRC!

Welcome to the January 2019 PRC e-newsletter! In this newsletter we explore several adolescent health topics, highlighting the research and leadership of our PRC faculty and staff. Please read on to learn more about happenings within our PRC including:

• Transforming school climate and student behaviors through restorative practices.
• Exploring findings from our core research, Partnering for Healthy Student Outcomes, about using professional development opportunities to better connect teachers with students.
• Partnering to prevent HPV-related cancers among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

If you have comments or questions about any of the features of this newsletter, we’d love to hear from you!

Adolescents on Stairs

Transforming School Climate and Student Behavior: Relationships are Key

Can creating school environments that center learning as relational and view conflict as a natural part of community result in higher achievement?

Group of Young People

Relationally-Based Professional Development of Teachers to Better Connect and Engage with Middle School Students

School connectedness and student engagement are not only important predictors of academic success, they also protect young people from engaging in a variety of health-jeopardizing behaviors.  

Paul Snyder

Saying Goodbye to Long-Time Colleague and Youth Advocate, Paul Snyder

After 26 years at the University of Minnesota, Paul Snyder, HYD-PRC colleague and Konopka Institute for Best Practices staff, has embarked on new adventures.

American Indian Cancer Foundation

Community Spotlight: Cancer: A Partnership for Prevention

Focused on addressing the tremendous cancer inequities faced by American Indian and Alaska Native communities, The American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) works with multiple partners to reduce this cancer burden by raising awareness, building capacity, and identifying solutions.

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PRC Faculty and Staff Highlights

• Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth

• Mobile App Helps Providers Self-assess Vaccination Practices

• Pediatric Providers' Perspectives of Children with Incarcerated Parents

• Unmet Health Care Needs: Youth in Minnesota's Juvenile Correction Facilities

• First PHSO Paper is Published

• Policies and Practices to Prevent Bias-Based Bullying in Schools